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SV650 2003-2010

Oil Pump Drive Gear Kit - SV650
Oil Pump Drive Gear Assembly

- Kit replaces the plastic stock item which is prone to breakage.
- Includes an extra shim to remove any end float

Fits:  Suzuki SV650 1999-02,  SV650 2003-10,  Gladius SFV650 2009-2015,  SV650 2016>  
JHS Racing Conrods SV650

JHS Racing Conrods SV650

Fits: Suzuki SV650 1999-2014 and SFV Gladius
Forged SAE 4340 Chrome Moly Steel for the highest strength and durability, dedicated for Racing

- Designed and processed by CNC
- Precision alignment sleeves positively locate the rod cap, maintaining big end bore size
- 100% X-rayed, sonic tested and magnafluxed
- Shot peened to relieve stress
- Come with the bronzed bushing suitable for the floating piston pin
- Centre to centre length 119.5mm
- Big end diameter: 41mm
- Small end diameter: 20.02mm

USED TO WIN MANX GP 2011 and TT 2012/13/14.


Call us or email us at the workshop should you have any further questions: 0117 986 8844  /

JE Custom Pistons
Custom Build JE Pistons To JHS Specification
Fits: SV650 1999-2015, SFV650 2009-2016,  SV650 2017>,  DL650
- Fully CNC Machined Piston
- Precision Machined CNC Ring Grooves
- 2618 Low Silicon
- Diamond Turned Skirts
- Radiused Valve Reliefs
- Single Forced Pin Oilers
- Tuff Skirt Coating
- Lateral gas ports

81mm High Compression Bore Size
13.1cr Compression Ratio
In stock available for next working day delivery.
SBS Sintered Race Front Brake Pads 704/705RS
SBS Front Brake Pads (Sintered Race) 

Fits: SV650 99>
Part number: SBS 704RS + 705RS
Set Contains 1x L/H Pads 1x R/H Pads

Formerly SBS's highest performing racing pad for Supersport & Superbikes in the late 90s and early 00s, the Racing Sinter (RS) compound is now rated as the ultimate and affordable road approved Track Day pad for your road & track bike.
ARP Race Rear Sets SV650 - RSS-02
ARP Adjustable Race Rear Sets
Fits: Suzuki SV650 2003 - 2007
Part Number: RSS-02

- 9 positions adjustable footpeg 
- Reverse shifting easily by rotating the change arm
- Adjustable shifter and brake pedals
- Shift and brake pedals feature double ball bearings for smooth movement without any wobbling
- Guaranteed excellent firmness footpegs
- Rear set can be used on original or reverse shifting
- Hard black anodized
- CNC machined

Estimated delivery time: 7-10 days
For fitment to road used machinery you may require the simple addition of a brake light switch, please contact us to confirm. 
Andreani Fork Cartridge Kit SV650 - 105/S02
Andreani Adjustable Front Fork Cartridge Kit

If you are looking to enhance your suspension without the massive price tag, the Andreani kit is the perfect option for road use and will perform much better than standard suspension if you fancy testing your bike on the track once in a while!

- Cartridge kit for OEM fork with hydraulic adjustments.
- Developed by Andreani Group and equipped with a sophisticated hydraulic system which guarantees exceptional performance in cornering and braking.
- 20mm diameter pistons with expanded oil passages.
- Adjustable in compression and rebound.

The cartridge kit comes complete with springs that can be customize for
rider weight/riding style.

Italian suspension manufacturer Andreani offer a range of fork upgrades for many makes and models of machine.They also offer a range of fully adjustable fork cartridge and spring kits to take your front suspension efficiency to the next level with a very affordable price.

FITS: SV650 2003-2007

This kit is an advanced kit and is required to be fitted in workshop.
Please call 0117 986 8844 to make an appointment, we'd be delighted to help!
Nitron R1 Mono Shock - Suzuki SV650 2003-2014

Nitron R1 Mono Shock
Fits: SV650 2003-2014

Nitron R1 mono shocks offer superior handling and excellent value for money. The high-grade materials protect against corrosion whilst significantly reducing weight. Every Nitron R1 shock is custom built, sprung and fully serviceable. Suitable for road use, Simple yet effective, the Nitron R1 shock has one damping adjustment. The adjustor knob affects both compression and rebound simultaneously for simple setup and making it a more road-biased shock. The shock features spring preload as well as shock length adjustment. It comes pre-set for damping and preload and includes the bearing end spacers and preload c-spanner.

- 2 way adjustable shock
- Length adjustment
- Preload adjuster
- 40mm piston design,
- Fully alloy body,
- Nitrogen gas charged with a 14mm piston rod.
- Sprung to riders weight
- Choice of either turquoise blue or nitrate black spring

When ordering please specify riders weight and select choice of spring colour.     

Suzuki SV650 Clutch Plate Kit
Suzuki SV650 Clutch Plate Kit

Fits: Suzuki SV650 2003-2014 / SFV650 K9-L2
Part number: 21400-29830-000
JHS Racing Stainless RACE Full System
Used on our very own race bikes, this system has the superior performance quality that will take your SV650 to the next level.

Stainless headers, polished can and carbon end cap.

Also available in Titanium (£935.00)

Fits: Suzuki SV650 2003-2010
Yoshimura RS3 Slip-On Race Exhaust 1112255
Yoshimura RS3 Stainless RACE Slip-On with Removable Baffle

Fits: Suzuki SV650 2004-2010
Part Number: 1112255

The RS-3 slip-on exhaust is simple to install and a direct replacement. An oval muffler with a single turn-down oval machined aluminium end-cap and a straight baffle for ample flow it dramatically improves your bike's visual appearance.

All parts required for fitment are included (brackets/fittings/link pipe etc.) with full fitting instructions. Developed to fit without fuel modification, and to give the unique Yoshimura racing sound.